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At Warm Barrels, we are passionate about the sport of shooting and providing a safe, welcoming environment for every shooter. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to introducing new shooters to the exciting world of clay target shooting and helping them improve their skills and achieve their goals. 

We are Warm Barrels


About Us

Warm Barrels offer clay shooting instruction (online booking will be available in the second half of 2023) and more besides! We have regular blog posts helping newcomers to clay shooting to expand their knowledge of the sport, the equipment we use, and the techniques involved. Through all we do, we promote safe gun-handling and responsible gun ownership. Clay shooting is among the safest of participation sports, and we intend to keep it that way!


“I had a great time with you. Your sense of humour and general cheerfulness really put me at ease. It's quite intimidating for newbies holding a weapon for the first time but you were able to target your instructing style to suit my personality and we bounced off each other really well!”


Meet The Team


Jamie Johnson

Jamie has been shooting since childhood. An air traffic controller by profession and an expert in aviation safety management systems, Jamie has a keen eye for safe gun handling.

Jamie is a CPSA Level 1 Instructor, an associate of the Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors, and a former UK top-10 competitor in Olympic Double Trap. 

Jamie's aim during a lesson is to create an enjoyable and supportive learning environment, and above all to see his student wearing a broad smile!


Micki Johnson

Micki is an experienced clay shooter and a staunch advocate for female participation in sport.

She has an unerring ability to pick out the most expensive gun on the rack from 10 feet away, and brings her formidable talents to the administrative side of Warm Barrels.


Lucy Cantwell (photo pending!)

Lucy is the Chief Instructor at the Oxfordshire Shooting School and a member of the Institute of Clay Shooting Instuctors. For lessons with Lucy at the Oxfordshire Shooting School, please call  07876 033665. 

Warm Barrels News and Blog

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