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Welcome to our friendly shotgun tuition services! We offer a variety of options for beginning shooters with no experience, those returning to the sport and improvers looking for a step up to the next level.

We can offer small group and corporate lessons as well as individual, one-to-one instruction. Locations such as the Oxfordshire Shooting School and Edgehill Shooting Ground allow a variety of targets in a friendly, safe atmosphere. 

Clay target shooting is a very inclusive sport - contrary to received wisdom there is no need for a shotgun to punish you every time you squeeze the trigger! Several gun manufacturers offer specific models for female shooters, and men also benefit from modern, low-recoil cartridges which make shooting more comfortable for everyone!

Young people can learn to shoot clays too, with the proviso that it's worth waiting until your daughter or son is strong enough to handle the weight of a gun with minimal assistance. We usually suggest 12 or 13 as a starting age for clay shooting. An important factor for young shooters is emotional maturity; they must be absolutely receptive to safety information. The same, of course, must be said of adults!


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